Emerging Leaders Program Overview

The Emerging Leaders professional development program is designed to help aspiring leaders in the nonprofit and public sectors develop the leadership capabilities, management skills, and confidence to advance their professional contributions and accelerate their careers.

Program Structure and Content

The program is intended to yield tangible, near-term value to participants (and their employers) and support their longer term leadership development.  It employs experiential learning and outside experts and speakers to weave the following learning tracks together:

  • Hard Nonprofit Skills & Management Training

  • Individualized Leadership-in-Action “Stretch” Goals

  • Leadership Competencies – e.g., Self-awareness, Team Dynamics

  • Advising– Periodic Conversations With Nonprofit Leaders

  • Expert Panels and Guest Speakers, Including Executive Directors

  • Facilitated Peer Support

The program is designed to accommodate those with full-time jobs and requires employer cooperation as well.  The program runs for a total of 8 full-day, monthly sessions from June 2014-February 2015 (skipping August). All sessions are held on weekdays. For additional details, go to our FAQs.

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